Colorbond Fencing

Multiple colours, long lasting and affordable

Digit's Colorbond materials are guaranteed to be installed with compliance to Australian Standards.

When it comes to Colorbond you can rest assured that you are getting a material that is modern, durable, strong and asthetically pleasing to both parties on either side of the fence. It is most commonly used for fencing, gates and block off partitions.

Colorbond has a huge range of colours available to be mixed and matched or colour co-ordinated the whole way around according to your taste.

Colourbond wont rot like wood, nor will it burn. It is termite resistant and the most maintenence you will do on it is the occasional spray down with water from your hose to make it look perfectly clean again.

There are no footholes or gaps in between posts and sheets which not only gives complete privacy to both sides, it also gives peace of mind to parents and pet owners. With a standard height of 1.8 metres you can rest safely inside your home knowing that young children and pets are being contained within your yard.