Garden & Pool Fencing

Pool fencing is a must in every home, but it doesnt have to be an eyesore

Digit guarantee both top quality products and services.

We are able to supply, install and design flat top aluminium garden and pool fencing for your property.

This type of pool fencing has stood the test of time and is still a very popular choice. It provides a safe and economical way of bringing your pool area up to the required Australian Safety Standards (1288 - 2006, 2820, 1926 part 1 & 2 & QDC MP 3.4). There are a huge range of colours and styles to choose from.

We also supply glass pool and garden fencing. Generally there are 2 types used, frameless and semi-frameless.

Frameless glass fencing allows you to have an uninterrupted view of your entire yard. It gives a very spacious, elegant feel to your garden and pool areas.

Semi-Frameless glass is a more budget conscious version that still maintains your view and elegance yet is very strong. We use a mix of semi frameless glass and aluminium tubular fencing in this very popular option.

We will install your custom panels, fencing and gates in accordance with the Queensland Government Pool Safety Legislation. Digit will work with you to design your fencing taking into account slopes, multi level gardens with retaining walls and rounded, curved areas. No job is too difficult, too small or too big for us!