Privacy Screens & Decking

Naturally treated wood will turn your garden into an oasis

Digit will supply, design and install aluminium and timber privacy screens according to your taste and desired look. We also specialise in Decking.

Timber Privacy Screening and Decking fit in perfectly with the natural environment whilst helping to give a tranquil feel to the chosen area. It should be mentioned that it is also insect and water resistant.

We offer three kinds of timbers - Treated Pine, Merbau and Hardwood.

Treated Pine and Hardwood have become a very popular choice as they are long lasting, resistant to attack by insects and ward off fungal growths.

Treated Pine is versatile in its uses, very affordable and really does withstand the extreme Australian weather conditions.

Merbau cant be beaten though when it comes to the attractiveness of its deep rich colour which looks magnificent in entertaining areas. Merbau is a very strong wood grown in the tropical regions of Australia and because of this, is naturally resistant to warping in the heat, splitting or cracking.

For those who don't like the look of or the maintenence that goes with a natural product such as wood, we can also custom design you a Privacy Screen made from powder coated Aluminium in a colour of your choice.